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The 2018 Masters: Everything You Need To Know

Golf enthusiasts around the world have been waiting for the 2018 Masters. Competitive golf has been widely known for the excitement it gives to everyone.

This competition is divided in parts and the first one is for the competing players. In this part, the golfers are given guidelines to make sure they are in the right competition. The second part is where the golfers are let to prepare for their gears and undergo practices as they are also given the rules of the competition. The last part is nerve wracking as it is where the golfers prepare their mindset for the game itself.

The game of golf involves a ball and different clubs where the players choose among the clubs could and which among them could give them the best shot and could score the ball in a hole. Unlike most games, golf does not need a standardized court. Golf courses vary in design and space and this is what makes the game unique. However, each golf course must consist of 9 or 18 holes. There are specific rules and regulations in each game and each golfers must abide these rules.

One important factor to note in a game is the number of strokes the golfer makes. Every golfer has his own strokes when playing. In golf, each player has to defeat his opponent in a match play scoring system.

Golf was first discovered by Scottish shepherds who kick stones to rabbit holes sometime in the 12th century. This game mechanic is still applicable in golfing up to this day but the golfers use a club instead of simply giving the ball a kick with their foot.

Now, golfing has become a famous competition of different types. Here are some types of golfing that are becoming widely known:

Medal play or stroke play

This type of golfing is the most common one as it is used in most tournaments. This type of competition requires the golfers to complete all 18 holes and the one with the least number of strokes wins.

Match Play

In a match play, there are two teams that completes the holes and the team that scores the most wins. The match play is very popular in golf clubs and because it requires a number of golfers n each team, there are certain rules and regulations for the teams to strictly abide.

Scramble Competition

In scramble, the best shot made by a golfer is decided after he hits the balls in the hole. This type of golf is also known as the play-off because after a player finishes his drill, the other ones follow the same procedure until the end of the game. Most golfers play this game for its simple mechanics.


In this competition, each hole contains a prize called a ‘skin’ and each of the players need to score each skin first. The word ‘skin’ comes from the actual bag of skin where the cash prize is placed.

The flag

The flag competition is also called the Last Man Standing or the Tombstone because in this type of competition, the golfers start the round with an allotment of strokes and they later on play along the golf course until the strokes they alloted run out.

These types of competition are what urges golf enthusiasts such as Iain Sharpe to come over and compete for the 2018 Masters Review so join the hype and watch this annual grand golfing event.

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