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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Horse.

A horse is a tender domestic animal mainly kept as pets or used in horse racing sports. Horse buyers are usually mesmerized by the variety of horses such that they do not know which one to choose. One can easily connect with a horse of his choice by either choosing from age, breed or gender. However, there is a need to knows that a buyer should be informed of before they can purchase a horse of their own.

It is very vital to take into consideration the cost of buying and keeping a horse. When considering cost, one should look into long-term cost like the cost of shelter, health, food, tools, and recreation cost for the horse. Once the horse is bought, it will need a stable which has to be cleaned and repaired whenever necessary. For a horse to be healthy, it has to be feed on a balanced diet, therefore the cost of hay and other nutritious food has to consider. A horse will require tools like brushes for its coat and horseshoes for races. Lastly, health costs, where a vet will be visiting the horse regularly.

The type of food that the horse will be eating is a major consideration. When considering the type of food, one has to consider the breed and age of the horse. A horse’s diet should not only include grass but a balanced diet with proteins, salts, and grains. Just like human beings, healthy eating keeps the horse healthy and happy.

A horse being a big pet in the home, it is vital to ensure that there is enough space for it. A horse requires different types of stables for different types of weather. In addition, a horse will need space for exercising, especially if it is meant for sports a field would be nice for exercise.

The last factor to consider is having horse tools which will enable one to keep the horse clean, comfortable and happy. A horse’s fur should be brushed regularly, hence a horse requires brushes. Hoof picks and horseshoes are very crucial tools to have for horse owners. A horse might step on a sharp stone or stick and a hoof pick will be required to remove it. While in the stable, a horse steps on mud and manure and they get stuck in the hooves causing infections, therefore hoof picks are used to clean the hooves regularly. Warm blankets are necessary for a horse to be warm during cold weather.

To sum up, owning a horse is fun, but it is also a lot of responsibility, therefore one should be prepared both physically, financially and psychologically so as to make the horse happy and be happy as well.
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