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How to Grow Cannabis for the Best End Results

Cannabis is a plant often planted for its leaves that have tertrahydracanabinol that has numerous effects on the body and is used for several body functions. Cannabis is taken for recreational as well as medicinal purposes and the thin difference there is between these functions is the mode of action of the drug in each case. Recreational purposes of cannabis come about when the drug acts on some parts of the brain like the frontal lobe to cause laughter. The medicinal functions of cannabis also depend on which treatment is being achieved, in treatment of glaucoma cannabis sativa reduces the intraocular pressure to get rid of the swollen eyes. Owing to these and many more other functions, marijuana deserves to be grown under the best conditions to ensure its continual supply.

The first step towards growing marijuana is proper selection of seeds, marijuana feminized seeds should be used and not the male seeds. If you never knew, marijuana bushes are either male or female, the female ones are preferred as they have much more quality buds than the male bushes. Mixed gender of a cannabis garden is not advisable if it is being done for the produce as it will be so much lower than if only female plants were present. The reason where mixing the male and female plants reduces produce is because the male plant starts producing pollen grains that fertilize the flowers of the females leading to seed production instead of leave production.

Cannabis like any other plant needs to be grown on fertile soil to increase its produce and maintain good health. Quality soil in this case implies that the soil should have all required nutrients in correct amounts, a deficiency of nitrates would lead to reduced size of leaves for instance so it should be maintained. All plants require light, for marijuana plants to survive they also need to access light in plenty. Light is used in a crucial process in plants known as photosynthesis which when deficient or absent guarantees death of the plant.
Photosynthesis converts readily available carbon dioxide and water to useful glucose for their growth failure to which the plants die.

Marijuana thrives at its optimal temperatures of about 18-26?C during the day and 20-24?C during the night. To grow marijuana in areas that have temperatures that are not in line with its optimal temperature requirements, indoor planting can be practiced so that heaters and air conditioners can be used to regulate the temperature. Air ventilation should also be at optimum where the plant is grown indoors to prevent molding that could be fatal to users of the drug, ventilation is maintained by use of fans in this case. Correct humidity levels are very important to the plant at different stages, it should be reduced greatly during flowering to prevent molding.

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The Essentials of Options – Breaking Down the Basics