Manado and Bunaken

Manado is the biggest city (and airport) in North Sulawesi. The diving is spread between several dive regions, such as mainland Manado, Bunaken Manado National Park and Bangka Island. Every has distinctly different diving, so maintaining divers dreaming of getting back into the water no matter how long their trip. The islands around Bunaken offer a number of the finest coral reef diving in Southeast asia, with substantial numbers of schooling fish rushing by on most dives. A few of the Best critter diving into the world is nearby in Lembeh Strait

Dive Overview – Bunaken is largely wall diving. Some partitions have a visible bottom below recreational dive limits while others have no visible bottom. There are nearly always currents, making anything from a very gentle drift dive to undiveable and hazardous conditions. Due to this, there are ways to fit divers of all skill levels. Manado also provides some great diving, although visibility is significantly less than outside at Bunaken and photographers will have a tendency towards macro. Bangka Island is close and provides amazing pinnacle dives full of soft coral. Again, these dives are extremely depended on currents.

Diving Information
Marine Life
Bunaken – A great deal of butterflyfish, triggerfish and the most enjoyable, turtles. The shallows are filled up with little fish rising in and out from the coral that will make you want to have more than the usual 3-minute safety stop. Bangka is likewise quite fishy and each reef could be dived wide-angle or macro dependant upon your interests.
Manado – A concentrate on Plants and macro for shrimps, crabs, cephalopods, nudibranchs along with other abundant critters in the sand and reefs.

Travel Information
The way to Get There – lots of men and women fly to Manado via Singapore on a 3.5 hour flight. Silk atmosphere has regular flights. You may also get a direct flight from Jakarta or Bali on Garuda or Batavia. Resorts will usually pick you up at the Manado airport. 2 hours once you get your bags, you should be at the resort.

The way to drift Manado & Bunaken – There are many great dip hotels in Manado & Bunaken. For diving, we recommend visiting one or more area on your journey. If you’re diving Manado and Bunaken, save a couple of days to dip the famous Lembeh Strait. And on the way, provided you’ve time, stop at Bangka or Gangga Island to round out the water offering of the Region. Many individuals say the combination of those areas is unparalleled and return often.

Best Time to Dive – Diving is all all all all year round, but the best diving season is from March to October throughout the dry season.